About us

Quadrant Engineering began operating out of a single garage in the late nineties. The business thrived and the moved to Jacobs, Durban. The new premises spanning 2400msq of space ( including a 900msq workshop area ) enabled the business to expand its operation, to accommodate the needs of our growing client base. Subsequent to the company’s growth, Quadrant Engineering employed more staff. 

Quadrant Engineering is registered with the metal and engineering industries bargaining council and is a 100% black owned company.

Sharon Mulraj (CEO), is passionate about skills development for her employees and developing the business in order to achieve the organisations primary objective: To be the most efficient, the most cost effective, competitive and the best quality manufacturing company in south africa. 

The Future plans for the company include expanding the existing manufacturing operation to keep up with the demand for our products and consequently creating more job opportunities. We also implement the iso 9001:2000 qms. as standard practise.