Quadrant engineering focuses on the design, fabrication/manufacture and installation of components, machinery and specialised equipment. some of this equipment includes electricalswitchgear, lashing screws, refuse bins and pallet inverters. We prefer never to compromise on quality. One of our first products was a specific type of lashing screw designed for the shipping industry. We tested the screws against a chinese version and found that they broke at 7.8 tons where ours broke at 14 tons, almost double the weight.

flagship products

Previous Works – Products

  • 20 ton trailer for toyota tsusho.
  • Pallet inverter machines for the fruit industry.
  • Heavy duty roll on bins.
  • 15mcube roll-on-bin- this robust and operator friendly bin is currently used to collect waste from the saw and timber mills and to transport builders rubble.
  • Design modified by quadrant engineering with a hydraulic boom to suit all vehicles of ethekwini municipalitys dsw fleet.
  • Sides and base manufactured from 3mm corten steel, hard wearing and corrosion resistant steel.
  • Chassis design can accomodate much heavier steel sheets to suit customers requirements.
  • Chassis manufactured using heavy channel and specially designed “roll-on” wheels with grease nipples to handle heavy loads.
  • Bin fitted with tarpaulin hooks to accommodate loads that may “spill” onto the roads.
  • Entire bin sprayed with etch primer.
  • customers have a choice of colour for the outsideheavy duty 27m cube roll on bin – this is the largest of our refuse containers and is a multi-purpose bin used for dry loads only.
  • Easily adaptable for various trucks.
  • Wheel assemblies have solid shafts with grease nipples to curtail unnecessary maintenance.
  • Two side panel doors allow for easy loading of small items.
  • Rear doors mounted on six robust hinges which assist load support and containment.
  • Tarpaulin hooks allow for light refuse to be contained with a tarpaulinor similar.

heavy duty skips

  • 8mcube – dsw currently uses these skips to transport sludge, sewer waste, garden refuse and medical waste.
  • the uses of this mid-range skips are endless and it can handle both wet and dry loads
  • fitted with tarpaulin hooks this skip to carry those “wet” loads 
  • constructed entirely of 3mm 3cr12 can be loaded and off-loaded from either end
  • specially designed locks on both bottom ends ensure that the skip whether empty or under load is secured to the truck
    cosmetic finishes can be changed to suit customers specific needs
    standard 4.3m robot poles
  • quadrant engineering has manufactured several thousands of these poles and no defects, latent or otherwise, have been reported to date
  • used at most intersections by the traffic department of numerous municipalities 
  • steel tubes have a minimum 3mm wall thickness
  • a specially designed and manufactured flange is used to marry the two different size tubes which are then welded onto a 5mm base plate

slewing rings

  • the slewing ring was designed in response to an ineffective log-lift grab which could not pick up logs that had fallen at right angles to the grab.
  • Our slewing ring was specially designed to handle a ten load allowing the crane to pick up logs in a 3600 position.
  • Designed, fabricated and installed for the timber industry.
  • Design allows for easy interchangeability between two log-lift grabs.
  • Working at a safe working load of ten tons, the mechanism is yet to fail.

lashing turnbuckle

  • The lashings turnbuckle is used in the stvedoring/shipping industry
  • Ships use them to lash down cargo so that it does not dislodge during transit.
  • Quadrant engineering manufactures at least 2000 of these per month

street lights

  • 18m mast lighting poles for the new warwick avenue fly-over (n3) interchange
  • street light switchgear for the new king shaka international airport
  • compaction bin for clairwood fresh produce market
  • outreach arm brackets that are being used for the beautification of durbans cbd
  • outreach arm bracket – 1000 of these have been manufactured